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ElssCollection, a « New-Found Elegance » sur Englishwaves !

Englishwaves: la radio qui partage l’actualité Française totalement « full English ».


C’est un concept absolument réussi qui permet d’améliorer la compréhension de l’Anglais – qui, comme nous le savons tous, est la deuxième langue la plus parlée au monde.

Englishwaves traite les sujets de l’actualité Française, ce qui permet aux auditeurs d’être plus attentifs puisqu’ils se sentent concernés par l’information.

Pour sa chronique hebdomadaire accordée à la place de la femme dans le monde, Anouche Babayan, co-gérante de la société Evolution, organisme de formation agréé, a fait un focus sur ElssCollection !






Hello, this is Anouche Babayan for our weekly chronicle on a woman’s place in the world. This week, I want to explore the subject of women and elegance and show you how you can always feel good and look your best – whatever your finances.

Did you know that French women are the Queens of Elegance? A European survey carried out by SkyScanner, a global search engine enabling people to find comparisons for flights, hotels and car hire, revealed recently that women in France were voted the most elegant in the world, with Italian and British women coming 2nd and 3rd.

That puts us in a prime place.

How does that make you feel? Are you more confident when you are wearing quality clothes? Would you always dress elegantly if designer clothes were not so expensive? And anyway, where would you find space to put them all in your home?

Well, I have news for you. It just so happens I am one of the Ambassadrices of a startup called ElssCollection, thanks to which you can hire or purchase the current season’s designer clothes. ElssCollection was founded by Ms. Pascale Guasp a couple of years ago, following her 20 years as an expert and Partner in business consulting.

Her vision is that every woman should be able to dress with elegance regardless of her income. Her mission through ElssCollection is to enable women to feel good about themselves by offering flexible and easy monthly hiring subscriptions which most working women can afford.

For a key business meeting, a wedding, for a cocktail or a special reception, or simply because you like looking good every day, you can find the perfect outfit either by strolling along to their sumptuous showroom in the rue Beaujon, in Paris’s 8th arrondissement or by visiting their online service. Either way, you will enjoy a unique experience.

Ms. Guasp’s philosophy ties in with the current declutter trend, reversing decades of consumerism in ownership. As an Ambassadrice of ElssCollection, when showing my friends and contacts around the showroom, I always say: “Voilà mon dressing”.

Wearing quality outfits makes me feel special and empowered. Being able to hire a dress and take it back to the showroom a week later takes the pressure off a/ having to be sure of my choice, b/ dealing with laundry and c/ over-spending on clothes.

Luxury, reasonable prices and easy-living: that’s what a lot of new businesses are providing us with. The flexibility of the services means we can adapt to wherever we are.


Thank you Englishwaves and Anouche Babayan !